The Arts in Society blog provides a platform for, in the first place, PhD researchers affiliated with the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS), as well as guest writers from the wider academic community. We aim to reflect the variety of academic disciplines that come together in LUCAS, and consequently we welcome blogposts that reflect on languages, literature, art and / or cultures and the interaction between them.

Blogposts should be related to your research in the broad sense of the word. This can include anything ranging from general introductions to a research project, small aspects or sidelines that can’t be fitted into your dissertation, research experiences, conference reports, reflections, book reviews, et cetera.

We aim to strengthen the ties between academic bloggers. If you maintain a personal research blog, whether you are linked to LUCAS or not, we invite you to occasionally repost on the Arts in Society blog. In addition we run a bloggers group which convenes on a regular basis to discuss blogposts in the making, ideas for posts, and other blog-related issues. If you are open to the idea of blogging but so far have not undertaken it, or if you are a regular blogger who enjoys regular contact with fellow bloggers, we invite you to join us.

If you would like to write for us, or if you want to meet up with our bloggers group or be put on the mailing list, please have a look at our author guidelines and contact us. We hope to hear from you!


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